Creative Director

Amani is passionate about helping brands be seen, heard and understood by their audience. Since opening So Social over eight years ago at just twenty-four years old, Amani has made it her mission to become a leader in Australia for branding, socials and content creation. No matter what size or type of business, Amani is a pioneer in cultivating unique branding strategies to get businesses seen.

Amani began her career climbing the corporate ladder, but she soon discovered her actual passion was in helping brands discover their authentic voice and identity. This was the early days of Instagram, and it was the perfect timing to present this to an audience. Amani brought So Social into the world, focusing first on social media management. Over the years, So Social evolved and Amani taught herself graphic design to provide more services for her clients. Now, balancing motherhood, and a team of over twenty highly qualified designers, account managers and social media professionals, Amani and So Social have become leaders in innovative and organic strategies for business in the space of, branding, printing, content creation and social media marketing.

Amani So Social

The growth of So Social came from Amani’s drive to be the leader in helping small businesses’ across Australia. The So Social Experience then started, which led to Amani and the So Social team travelling across Australia leading sold out workshops. This helped Amani and the team to build brand awareness and be recognised as innovators within the industry. The So Social Experience is now available online, where hundreds of business owners have gone through her programs. This was especially popular during COVID as the team was unable to travel to present the workshops. After years of mentoring social media managers, in 2021 Amani decided it was time to launch a “how to become a social media manager” course – which has done remarkably well all across the country.

On a day to day basis, Amani looks after graphic design projects, manages creative strategies and helps her team create powerful content across a range of different industries. Managing the entire team and working closely with all clients too! Amani takes a hands-on approach within the business – building long term working relationships with clients is her focus.  She built So Social on the idea that marketing is about so much more than just developing a logo or a website; it’s about developing entirely personalised strategies for the business and its goals.

Amani has been featured on Sunrise program, The Edge 96.1 and in 2021 So Social took out The Local Small Business Award.




So Social Brand Manager & Senior Graphic Designer

Georgette, a true creative at heart, consistently impresses clients with her minimalistic and artistic approach to design. With her keen eye for aesthetics and attention to detail, she has played a crucial role in visually establishing numerous brands from inception. Georgette is dedicated to delivering design solutions that align with the client’s brief and exceed their expectations. Additionally, she takes charge of managing the work of other designers within the team, ensuring a consistent and exceptional quality of work delivered to all clients. Georgette’s commitment to excellence and her ability to elevate brand visuals make her an invaluable asset to the team.


Office Manager & Project Co-Ordinator

Paris joined the team initially as a skilled graphic designer and has since expanded her expertise to include web design and project management. Currently serving as the Office and Project Coordination Manager, Paris plays a pivotal role in ensuring the successful completion of client goals within the space of social media, web development, and design.

Known for her friendly demeanor and collaborative approach, Paris actively collaborates with the team to achieve client objectives. As well as serves as an essential member of the office team, working closely with the director to oversee the smooth day-to-day operations of the business.



Annalise is our talented in-house photographer with a passion for capturing fashion and lifestyle brands through her lens. With a unique style that combines creativity, quirkiness, and attention to detail, she has the ability to transform ordinary moments into beautiful visual stories. With a natural eye for aesthetics, Annalise has been able to hone her skills and further cultivate her unique photography style, adapting it to all the industries that we service.


Graphic Designer

Gabrielle is a talented, multi-faceted designer that assists our senior graphic designer on projects ranging from branding, stationery and social media design.


Graphic Designer

Marija is a multi-talented creative, who is part of the graphic design team. Previously Marija has also worked at So Social as a social media manager and content creator. Marija brings a fresh and innovative approach to every project she undertakes. With an eye for aesthetics and trending design styles, having Marija as part of your brand design journey is an asset.



We are thrilled to welcome Caitlyn as the newest member of our photography team. Caitlyn has already showcased a remarkable level of experience in event and people photography. Her portfolio boasts years of capturing memorable moments with precision and creativity. We are beyond excited to have Caitlyn on board!




Account Manager

With a strong foundation in the advertising, Nina has found her calling as a valuable member of the So Social team. Leveraging her own successful social media following, Nina possesses a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in establishing and maintaining a prominent online presence. Consistently driven and dedicated, she collaborates with diverse businesses, utilizing her expertise to propel them towards their social media objectives with remarkable success.


Account Manager

Patricia has discovered her true calling in the realm of social media, leveraging her expertise as a lifestyle influencer with a substantial following. Her specialisation lies on Instagram, where she excels in enhancing clients’ brand image and visual identity through meticulous attention to aesthetics. With a wealth of experience in social media marketing, Patricia brings invaluable knowledge, experience and skills to the team.


Account Manager

Amar is a highly skilled professional who excels in delivering exceptional results when it comes to executing social media briefs. With a specialisation in creating captivating TikTok videos and engaging Instagram content, Amar has developed a unique expertise in this area. At So Social HQ, Amar not only offers creative direction but also provides valuable assistance in all aspects of campaign production, ensuring the successful realisation of clients’ goals.


Account Manager
Gina brings a wealth of expertise to the So Social team, combining her background in journalism and social media marketing. Having been a valuable member of the team for over 24 months, Gina has thrived in her creative role, consistently delivering engaging content. Her unique skill set and passion for Instagram and small business has contributed to her success within the company.


Account Manager

Cobi’s passion for social media blossomed as she immersed herself in content creation and management of her personal accounts. Her keen eye for detail and knack for creating engaging content make her an ideal candidate for the role of social media manager within our creative team. Cobi’s expertise in this field ensures that she will not only meet but exceed expectations in delivering impactful and innovative social media strategies.


Account Manager

Zorana is a creative with a diverse background in marketing, journalism and hospitality, she brings a fresh and innovative approach to social media management within our team. Her unique perspective and expertise in both industries make her a valuable asset in developing and executing effective social media strategies. Zorana’s ability to think outside the box and adapt to evolving trends ensures that your brand will stand out in the ever-changing landscape of social media marketing.


Account Manager

Demi has demonstrated her exceptional skill in managing a diverse portfolio of clients spanning various industries. The success of the accounts under Demi’s management is evident through comprehensive analytics and insights. Her hands on approach and strategic thinking have consistently yielded positive outcomes, positioning our clients for growth and success in their respective markets. Demi’s expertise and proven track record make her an invaluable asset to our team, ensuring continued success in client management and campaign performance.


Account Manager

April’s extensive experience as a professional model has provided her with invaluable insights into the ins and outs of the social media industry. While she thrives in front of the camera, her true passion lies in directing and creating captivating content from behind the scenes. April’s multifaceted talents and deep understanding of the creative process allow her to bring a unique perspective and expertise to every project she undertakes. Her ability to seamlessly transition between roles ensures the delivery of exceptional results and elevates the overall quality of our productions.


Account Manager

Jem’s extensive background in running her own successful fashion business has equipped her with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the e-commerce space. Her astute understanding of the conversion process enables her to optimise accounts and drive tangible results. With a keen eye for creative detail, Jem possesses the versatility to handle accounts across diverse industries while ensuring their distinctiveness and uniqueness. Her strategic approach and commitment to delivering exceptional outcomes make her an invaluable asset to our team.


Account Manager

Madelyn is a highly skilled social media manager with a keen eye for detail and aesthetics. Her extensive experience in running her own businesses has provided her with invaluable insights into the world of social media for small business. With a deep understanding of consumer behavior and trends, Madelyn is able to curate visually beautiful and engaging content that captivates audiences across various social media platforms.


Account Manager

Lorin is a talented social media manager within our team, her specialisation is in video content creation and curating beautiful grids. With a keen eye for visual storytelling, Lorin has the ability to capture captivating videos that effectively convey a brand’s message and engage audiences. Additionally, Lorin’s meticulous approach to curating grids ensures that every post is strategically planned to create a cohesive and visually appealing aesthetic.


Account Manager

Kayla is not only a fitness expert but also a highly knowledgeable social media manager who has successfully built her own following on various social media platforms. With her expertise in both fitness and social media management, Kayla understands the unique challenges and opportunities that brands face in the online world. She is well-versed in creating engaging and educational fitness content that resonates with her audience, while also utilizing her strategic social media skills to grow her own personal brand. Kayla’s deep understanding of the digital landscape allows her to develop effective social media strategies for small businesses.


Account Manager

Cassidy is a valuable new addition to the team, bringing her expertise in working with beauty and lifestyle brands to help them achieve their social media goals. Cassidy understands the unique needs and aspirations of small businesses online and has a keen eye for aesthetics and a deep understanding of the latest trends, allowing her to create visually beautiful and engaging content that resonates with the target audience.


Account Manager

As a social media manager, Krystal possesses a unique understanding of the challenges and demands that come with running a successful online presence. Her entrepreneurial background has equipped her with valuable skills in client communication, allowing her to effectively understand and meet the needs of her clients. Krystal is adept at building strong relationships with her clients, ensuring open and clear lines of communication throughout the management process. You can expect engaging videos, grids and successful campaigns when Krystal is involved!